Bottle and Pacifier Cords
Prevents the loss and the contamination of the pacifier.

ThIngs to Know

* Suitable for all types of pacifiers

* Your baby can reach the pacifier at any time 

* Colorful and pleasant designs

* Complying with the European Safety Norms EN 12586(1999).

A super, handy and simple design for your baby’s safety. Being suitable for all types of pacifiers with colorful and pleasant designs, MyCey Pacifier Cord with a clip-on prevents the loss and the contamination when it falls down.Your baby can even reach its pacifier at any time without any help.  It attracts your baby’s attention with the vibrant colors and your baby will enjoy of using it. MyCey Pacifier Cord is produced according to the European Safety Norms EN 12586(1999).

In order to tie the pacifier, the string which is on the tip of the cord should be passed through the hole or the holder of the pacifier so that the it should turn into a knot.  Attach the clip on your baby’s cloth. Your baby’s pacifier is secure owing to the powerful clip which couldn’t be pulled out but also doesn’t cause any damage to clothes. However, the clip shouldn’t be hung and extended on the waistband, belt and the loose parts of clothes. Do not give the dummy to your baby unless the clip has attached on your baby’s dummy cord. Attach the dummy cord only on clothes. Do not use it while your baby is in bed or cradle to  sleep. As a set of this product, baby bottle cord is also available for baby bottle, teether and toys. Always check the cords before each use.  Do not use if it is worn or damaged. Use it only under parental supervision.

What is the material of MyCey Pacifier Cord?  

It is made of specially produced grosgrain cord and a metal clip.

How can MyCey Pacifier cord be cleaned? 

In order to clean it, use a damp cloth and dry it. It can also be cleaned in cold water by hand washing. Lay it on a flat ground and dry. Do not iron.