Bottle and Pacifier Cords
A super, handy and simple design for your baby’s stuff. Is compatible with all kinds of feeding bottles, toys and teethers.

ThIngs to Know

* With a special grip material holds all kinds of bottles firmly.

* Prevents the loss and getting dirty of your baby’s stuff.

* Your baby can reach bottles and toys whenever s/he wants.

* Ideal for usage with strollers and feeding chairs.

A super, handy and simple design for your baby’s stuff or things.  MyCey Feeding Bottle Cord as a pleasant product is compatible with all kinds of feeding bottles, toys and teethers. 

With a special grip material that holds all kinds of bottles firmly with colorful and pleasant patterns, MyCey Feeding Bottle Cord prevents the loss and the contamination of your baby’s stuff when they fall down on the floor. Its usage is ideal especially for strollers and feeding chairs. 

Your baby can reach its bottles and toys whenever it wants. It draws your baby’s attention with its vibrant colors and your baby will enjoy using it.

Wrap the short side of MyCey Feeding Bottle Cord around bottles, toys and teether or any material  which is attachable in a way that the grip material is down. Pass the cord through D-buckle and pull back firmly to paste the velcro. The long cord should be attached on a safe place with the help of velcro located on the tip of it. Adjust the lenght as you wish and enjoy using. Do not attach the feeding bottle cord on your baby’s body. Do not use it while your baby is in bed or cradle to sleep. This product suits your baby’s pacifier and pacifier cords. Always check the cords before each use. Do not use if it is worn or damaged. This is not a toy. This product must be used under parental supervision.

What is MyCey Feeding Bottle Cord made of? 

The body of the feeding bottle cord is made of a specially produced from grosgrain material. As a grasper material, EPDM has been used which is a non-hazardous material.

How can MyCey Feeding Bottle Cord be cleaned?

In order to clean it, use a damp cloth and dry it. It can also be cleaned in cold water by washing in hand. Lay it on a flat ground and dry. Do not iron.