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Caring for a sick baby is easier with the MYCey Medicine&Vitamin Dispenser. The uniquely designed spoon tip syringe features an easy-grip handle and spoon tip that fits most medicine bottles.

ThIngs to Know

* Spoon tipped medicine&vitamin dispenser allows for easy accurate dosing while being safe and choke-free.

* Streams medicine/vitamin while feeding baby food.

* Features measurement indicators for accurate dosing.

* Easy assembly and cleaning.

* Barrel holds up to 10mL/2 teaspoon of liquid/solution.

* It is easy to measure the correct dose. The dispenser have clear measurement indicators as ml and teaspoon.

The right dose with MYCey

Syringe push medicine through the spoon, bypass baby’s taste buds, and help prevent baby from spitting it out. The hospital-grade syringe features precise etched-on measurements, ensuring you get the right dosage and the measurements never rub off.

Clean before initial use and after every use. Push plunger all the way into the syringe. Place spoon tip syringe into the liquid medicine/vitamine. Pull plunger out until medicine reaches correctly marked dosage. You may place baby food to the spoon if needed. Place spoon in baby’s mouth to either cheek and push plunger to dispense liquid. Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe.

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