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Mycey About
Mycey About

Mycey's story is actually Ceyla&Kerem’s story. While raising Ceyla, who was born in May 2006, I went through the stages that every mother goes through and experienced many difficulties. Before Ceyla came into my life, I saved a lot of things to make my job at home easier. And life began after I tasted that wonderful feeling and took her in my arms.

But as you all know, it was different and there were times when I had a hard time. It was necessary to come up with some solutions to overcome these difficulties that we faced with my children. While they were growing up by discovering something new every day, I thought why should we deprive other mothers of these solutions. 

All mothers should have benefited from the solutions we used. That's why we have been supporting you with MYCey products guided with our slogan “Care’m” and make the lives of mothers and their sweet babies easier.

Growing roots together